Looking into the GDD and characters

I decided the first thing I should do is familiarise myself with the setting, time period, characters and events so I have a better understanding of how they would interact with one another and speak.

I First looked through chapters 1 to 3 as our main focus is chapter 3 and it provided me with backstory of how characters have been impacted up to now.

  • During chapter 1 I learnt the setting is Northern Russia during 1932 which could impact the nature of their sentence structure and the characters personalities as well as wording choices.
  • Chapter 2 conveyed what sort of person Olga is and gave me more insight to the way she would talk.
  • The 3rd chapter allowed me to understand the sort of environment they would be in and how the characters were likely to interact with each-other. Once charlie has fleshed out chapter 3 i will have an even better insight and be able to start working on the dialogue.


The next this I did was look at a bio for each character and go over how each detail will influence the characters speech and tone.

  • Vasilisa: to me Vasilisa is a little bit of a juxtaposition. As she is a child I would imagine her vocabulary to be quite limited but as she is also a princess and has a regal upbringing it means she will have been taught correct mannerisms and speech. As she is Inquisitive I imagine she will have a question about almost everything she doesn’t know about or wants to learn. Being an optimistic means she’ll be happy almost all the time and always look on the bright side even during the worst of times. As she is easy-going and good natured I believe her interactions with other people will be very friendly and kind. When it comes to her flaws it’ll allow me to play with some of her dialogue and emotions. Being Naïve will make her inquisitive about everything and make her interactions with Olga interesting. Her unassertiveness will cause her to be afraid and nervous a lot of the time causing her to seem more timid and reliant on Olga. Lastly charlie has described Vasilisa as being occasionally bothersome which means her interactions with Olga will occasionally become sour.
  • Olga: Because of her hardened emotions and rarely showing her feelings i imagine she talks very monotone most of the time and uses simplistic language. Being a pessimist she sees the worst in everyone and everything and acts cold towards things when communicating making her seem hostile and un-opening. As she is determined, when performing a task she uses I will and I can a lot. When she gets angry (most of the time as shes short tempered) shes very snappy and quickly spoken.
  • Wizard King: As he has lived through countless centuries I imagine this would be shown through his speech and his choice of language will be very timely. His powers could make him subconsciously use icy and cold adjectives and vocabulary when he talks. He enjoys playing with his prey and likes to take it slow therefore I believe he would monologue a lot and use extended dialogue when communicating with the heroes of the game. When he becomes impatient he get irrational and angry which will be shown through short, snappy and rude sentences. His vanity means he will constantly refer to ‘me. myself and I’ making sure everyone understands how amazing and incredible he is. As he loves boasting so much he will use a lot of (what he sees as) positive adjectives.


I also looked at a general overview of the game relating to my area of work. This helped me to get an idea for the general tone of the game and the basics for beginning. It also allowed me to understand the aims Charlie has for the dialogue and lets me adapt to his ideas and thought processes.

  • Tone: The tone of the game is described as being heart. This means making the players feel emotionally attached to the characters and their relationship. This will be achieved through dialogue, meaning my main aim is this.
  • Language: Every character will speak in a slightly different way so they are unique and distinguishable making them seem more human and identifiable.
  • Themes: Escape, Companionship, Family, Loss and overcoming self doubt. This will influence the dialogue and cause fluxes where appropriate. Through-out the game Olga and Vasilisa see themselves in one another and this helps them to bond. Most of this will be done through dialogue and it will be an important task of mine to convey this.
  • Text boxes: Most of the dialogue will be displayed in text boxes. Every text box will be accompanied by a avatar of the talking character, conveying their current emotion. This will help to capture the tone of each piece of dialogue and add to the feel of the current situation.
  • Narrator: As a narrator will be used to establish scene, chapters and important plot points it will be very important for me to include him in the script and make sure to give him in-depth speech, helping convey the story to the player.

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