Meeting 1 – 03/02/17

Today was our first meeting with our project leader Charlie and our COO James. The main topic of this meeting was to understand what outcome Charlie is looking for and what the bases of the demo is going to be.

The vertical slice for the demo will be chapter 3 as it contains both the 2 main characters and the villain.

Chapter 3 contains:

  • The villain introduction
  • Tension and cliffhanger as the main characters escape by the end
  • A normal paced beginning with climatic chase at the end
  • A mix of in-game dialogue and animated cut scenes
  • A control tutorial introduced by narrative
  • Cut scenes at the beginning and end
  • RPG style dialogue

After explaining the overview Charlie then went on to assign as tasks as well as asking us what we could produce. The tasks assigned to us were as follows:

  • Charlie: Create storyboard and flesh out chapter 3 into full narrative
  • James: Create a style guide and work on the 3 main characters.
  • Rhian: begin character designs for the minor characters (i.e. enemies)
  • Jade: Begin researching into appropriate environments and begin working on backgrounds
  • Aimee: Research scripts and characters, start first draft

As I need to wait until Monday to receive a full storyboard and narrative, I’m going to begin my work by looking into different ways to write scripts and how to convey each personality. I will also re-read Charlie’s game design document so I fully understand the level we are creating and each characters personality.


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