Researching Scripts

The first task I’ve been assigned is to research scripts and Tale of Two. My game research can be found here.

At first I wasn’t really sure where to begin. There were so many different things I needed to look into. Script terminology, examples, formatting and details.

The biggest difficulty I’m facing is finding examples and information matching the type of game we are making. A lot of the video game script stuff i’ve looked at so far is about branching dialogue and decision making where as our game is a linear story. I tried looking at movie scripts but they involve writing scripts from scratch and heavy detail on actions and scenes but as I’m writing a script for a video game I feel it would be different as I wouldn’t have to go heavily into narrative since its already been established.

My best course of action will be to look into formats and terminology as I cant really do anything else until I get the full narrative tomorrow.

This research will be carried out in my sketchbook.


*UPDATE* 6th Feb

After looking into formats and terminology I have a much better understanding now and can say I’m much more confident about starting it.

The format is relatively simple. The font is in 12pt in Courier. All forms of dialogue are centred in the middle of the page and characters names are in Capitals above.

As for terminology, they gave me ideas as to what to include and how levels will pan out. Most of the terms were referring to editing techniques and camera tricks but it still all helps when it comes to the actual writing.

As I have now got the narrative I can begin to break it down and analyse each section, making it easier for me to understand and start writing.


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