Software to consider

I’m considering finding a software to download to assist me in writing scripts. I feel this will be more useful that Word as it comes pre-formatted and saves data, which in the long run will save me time and assist me greatly.

A lot of the software I have found are extremely pricey and we do not have the resources to obtain it. Therefore I will be looking into free alternatives that will hopefully do the job just as well as I only need it for the most basic features.

Here are some of the programme I have found:

Trelby seems like a really well rounded software that provides a simplistic userface with many useful tools. HOWEVER, Trelby is currently unusable on mac which means I would only be able to use it on my PC.

Screencraft is good as it allows unlimited revision tracking and professional formatting but you can only work online with the free version. I feel this would be suitable more for people who collaborate and need to constantly share with each other.

Page2stage is only for windows and I’m unsure on the user interface

Plotbot works online and has an awful interface. It would be great for mock-ups but little else.

My other resort is to use a template from word. This will allow me too work offline where ever but restricts me as too what i can use tool wise as some of the other programmes provide better services, allowing me to work more fluidly.

After looking into as many free services as I could, the biggest issue i have found is that most programmes work exclusively on windows platform only, whereas I want to be able to fluidly move from my macbook to my pc with no issues. Therefore I am going to try out both the word template office has provided and screencraft.


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