Cutscenes and Unity

There are 2 different methods we could use to import and add cutscenes to our demo.

1. Create within unity

The first is to make the cutscene in unity. This allows players to control how quickly the dialogue moves and suits Charlie’s GDD as he wanted to allow players to have control during cut-scenes.

Screenshot from Charlie’s blog

When using this method it restricts players controls and camera angles but allows them to still feel immersed as it has no loading time and flows between game play and cutscenes.!/content/11672

2. Import a movie document

The second is to import a video and add a trigger within the game, causing the video to play. The issue with this is it takes control away from the player, meaning the dialogue would go at its own pace so players might not be able to keep up considering the target audience. However, this could work quite well for the beginning cut scene as it contains spoken dialogue as well as written and contains no need for playable features.


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