Meeting 2 – 10/02/17

The second meeting brought up a lot of issues and concerns we’ve been having during the first week. As Charlie was not present we discussed with James instead and he helped with suggestions and setting tasks.

The main concerns were brought up by the group:

Jade: The team leader set a task for her to complete but by thursday he uploaded a storyboard that nullified the work she had just created which caused her to have a set back and start again. She also has been given no style direction and requires a style guide to help her produce her work. Lastly, she has been struggling with the digital art side of things as well but there has been minimal help or guidance provided.

Fix: James suggested that Jade should draw out the environments physically first and then get Charlie’s help to digitise them. She can also take creative control and begin to create making colour pallets to assist in the digital work. Mainly just layout your plans for each section.

Rhian: The main concern from Rhian is that the styles of the assets are not matching each-other. She is also not sure that having 3D is going to match well with the 2D environments as the 3D models are very harsh compared to the softness of the backgrounds.

Fix: The fix for the 3D models is to remove the harsh lighting and shadows from the models and make them softer and just to take a step back for a moment. The main aim is to make the 3D models match with the environments.

Aimee: My main issue is there is no level designs so I cant match the dialogue or know the linear sequence of events.

Fix: James said the way to fix this is to take creative control. I need to propose the story board for the cut scenes and break it down into animation.

The general issues we’ve been facing is how the parallax scroll is going to work and if its suitable for the game.


Jame’s advisor tasks:

Charlie and Jade: create prototypes with different methods.

Rhian: carry on with prototyping.

James: drop shadow on the models and make warmer as well as flattening to match the backgrounds and making sure it’s not other way around.

Aimee: Take creative control, begin storyboarding the cutscenes and matching the dialogue. Break down the animations. Look into importing dialogue systems into unity and how to manage it.

James suggested we should mainly focus on prototyping and working out how well things are actually going to work and if there are aspects that need changing. The other focus is to prioritise asset creation and making sure it’s perfected before worrying about other things.


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