Planning the first cutscene

The first cutscene introduces the players to the game and explains what has happened previously so they are up to date and understand the narrative so far.

It will explain the happenings of chapter 1 and 2, introducing characters and relationships.

It will be displayed in a story book fashion, following the stylings and the aesthetics of the game. Because it’s meant to be a fairy tale the way I will write the narrative is using traditional fairy tale style phrases, words and sentences.

As an opening to the story there are many different phrases i could use, the most common being “Once Upon a Time”. I’ve been looking into traditional and non-traditional story opening so I could get an idea on what to use. I decided I liked these ones best and will use it as influence for mine:

  • In a very far away kingdom… – Brothers Grimm
  • Once there was… – Brothers Grimm
  • It was terribly cold and nearly dark on the last evening of the old year… – Hans Christian Andersen
  • Many, many years ago… – Hans Christian Andersen
  • One fine evening… – Brothers Grimm
  • In a distant land…
  •  In a faraway land…
  •  In a small village…
  •  In a distant kingdom…
  •  There once was a…
  •  In a land far away

The first thing I want to convey is the setting/location/environment/time period of where and when our game takes place. I then need to introduce the first character Vasilisa, however, I’m a little unsure wether to make it mysterious and un-name her yet or be simple and straightforward.

The next event is Vasilisa meeting Otto and him taking her back to his cabin to warm up. I might be easier to breakdown the event slightly to flesh out the story.

Otto then gets ready to go look for vasilisa’s parents and then his sister Olga tries to stop him because of the storm, Vasilisa agrees but he leaves anyway. As I want to try and keep the text to a minimum I think it would be better to break this up into multiply sections as it will look more like a child’s story book and fit with the target audience.

A couple hours pass when Olga decides to go look for Otto, only to find him frozen. The biggest fear I have with this bit is not making it to scary or death orientated as obviously this would void the PEGI rating.

Olga blames Vasilisa for Otto’s “death” but reluctantly takes care of Vasilisa anyway. I have to be careful with language here as its not appropriate to us the phrase dead for the target audience. Instead it will be heavily implied but not directly said.

The two leave the cabin to a nearby mining town to begin searching for Vasilisa’s Parents. This will be short and lead into the actual game play. Most likely going to end in ‘…’ .


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