Cutscene 1 Script

Many years ago, in a land far away, a young girl was stumbling through a snowy wilderness. A storm was beginning to form overhead.

The storm was brutal, unrelenting, making it difficult for her to see what lay ahead. Suddenly she bumped into a towering figure. It brandished an huge axe and its shadow loomed over her. It knelt to reveal a gentle face of man who greeted her.

Otto: “Tiny little girl, are you lost?”

Vasilisa: “N-no, I’m looking for my parents”

Otto: “That is true shame, this storm getting very strong now, we should head back to cabin to warm up.”

Vasilisa: “That would be lovely, thank you very much. My name is Vasilisa, what is yours?”

Otto: “Nice meeting you Vasilisa, Mine is Otto”

 They arrived at a wooden cabin, hidden deep within the forest. Upon entering a woman was stood with her arms crossed glaring at Vasilisa.

Olga: “Who is this.”

Otto: “This is Vasilisa, she was lost and this storm is horrendous.”

Olga: “So? This is not our problem. I don’t want strangers here.”

Otto: “Please sister, she is only young and she has lost parents, she is alone.”

Olga: “Fine but once this storm has passed take her back to wherever you found her.”

Otto: “If that’s what you want.”

Otto led Vasilisa to an armchair beside the fire and gave her a hot beverage. He walked back over to Olga.

Otto: “I am going to look for parents whilst its still light, look after her and please, be nice.”

Olga: “WHAT?! You cannot go out there, you said yourself the storm is too harsh.”

Otto: “no puny storm scares me, I am going, I will be back soon.”

Olga: “whatever. You better be back before dark.”

Olga walked away and Otto left.

The daylight was starting to fade, the storm had calmed and Otto had not returned.

 Olga: “This isn’t good, it’s going to be dark soon.”

Olga looked over to Vasilisa and thought about what she should do. Vasilisa would only be a hindrance if she took her with her and she didn’t trust her enough to leave her by herself. But finding Otto was her number one priority and for now she would trust her brothers opinion of the girl.

Olga: “I’m going to go look for him, do not leave this cabin.”

Olga grabbed her axe and coat and left the cabin.

She searched the forest as quickly as she could. The night was fast approaching and this forest turns into a maze in darkness.

Suddenly her eyes went wide, tears immediately fell from her cheeks and she dropped to her knees.

The scene in-front of her had devastated her. Otto had been frozen solid; his axe lay broken on the floor beside him.

Olga: “w..why? What… what happened… How could this happen. He was my big brother, he was meant to look after me forever, we were supposed to face the future together… and now? Now I’m alone…”

Olga punched the ground, she was as angry as she was sad.

Olga: “I bet it’s something to do with her… I don’t trust her at all. I need to get rid of her as soon as I can… there’s an orphanage in town, I’ll take her there then she’s their problem not mine and I can seek revenge for my brother, find what… who did this to him… I’ll make them pay.”

The door swung open and Vasilisa jumped at the sound.

Vasilisa: “Did… did you find him?”

Olga: “…no…no I didn’t.”

Vasilisa: “Oh… I’m sorry, I’m sure he’ll return soon.”

Olga: “We’re leaving as soon as we can, get some sleep and make sure you’re ready to leave as soon as dawn comes.”

Vasilisa: “But…”

Olga: “Sleep. Now.”

Morning soon approached and the girls left the cabin, ready to face the journey ahead…


To be continued…


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