Fire Emblem Birthright/Conquest/Fates

Recently I have been playing Fire Emblem Birthright and the way the dialogue is displayed and works is really nice and has inspired me to try a similar method in our game.

(If you want to skip to where the dialogue starts its at 5:55)

I think it would fit our game quite well as the cutscenes are fully narrated which is like we’re doing but when it comes to in-game dialogue the full sentences are written out with a portrait of the character and what emotions they are perceiving as well as a short piece of audio relating to the dialogue. Although it is only a small piece of audio it allows players to get a chance of hearing what each character sounds like and the particular way they would say stuff depending on their emotion. Sometimes it can be a full sentence or just a sound effect like a grunt or ‘tsk’.

If we used this kind of method within our game it mean it’ll be a lot easier if we did want to voice the characters as it would cut down on spoken dialogue whilst still having fleshed out, readable dialogue. I feel this will help the characters feel more relatable and human as it gives them a real voice whilst still giving the player something to read.


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