Part 1 – Control Dialogue

Me and Charlie decided the best way to inform the players of the controls would be to gradually introduce the buttons through dialogue. This will make it more organic and an example within the level will show what each ability is good for.

This is the first draft for the control scheme and it is subject to change depending on whether we use controller or keyboard and mouse. For now we are going with keyboard and mouse.

Although nothing is set yet these are some examples or how the dialogue might work for the controls:

Character Switch

Vasilisa: “Oh no, How are we going to get past this?” (Insert specifics)

Olga: “I’ve got this why dont you press Q and I’ll sort this out” 


Vasilisa: “Hey Olga! this way! just press S then you can fit too!”


Olga: “Vasilisa, this way. If you press W you can get up here as well”

Pick up/Throw

Vasilisa: “Hey Olga… Anyway you can move this out of the way?”

Olga: “Sure. Just click the left mouse and i’ll pick it up, press it again and i’ll throw it out the way”

Use Ability

Vasilisa: “Hmmm, How are we gonna get passed this?”

Olga: “If you hold down the scroll wheel, i’ll pull the log over there with my Axe.”



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