Designing the book for the 1st cutscene

My first task for designing the book was to create a title layout. For this I used the same font Charlie had chosen in his GDD, Garamond. I then began working on different ways to arrange the fonts and the sizing.

title layout

Me and charlie decided that the best one was the bottom right hand side. It was the most unusual and I really liked the way the words fitted together.

Next I went on to create several different ‘leaf’s for the lettering to give the illusion of an old fashion leather bound book. I created several different colours so it would fit any kind of leather colour we wanted. One I was happy with how the ‘leaf’ was looking I cut out the text and some ornaments to decorate the book with just to see how it would look.

test of leaf

I downloaded a free vector pack which provided me with many different types of decoration. I laid every design out so I could go through them all one by one and decide which ones I liked the best.

My next task was the create the leather covers. I used this technique Here to create them and them changed the hue to give me a variety of colours to work with.

leather covers.png

Once the leather cover had been made, I also created a table using this technique Here, allowing me to have a realistic looking background.

got wood.png

I then began putting the book together on the table. I started by drawing out a basic rectangle and then another one angled slightly above. I then added in 2 white rectangles to give the appearance of book pages, to make it look like there were loads of pages within the book I used the render fibres tool in photoshop and adjusted it until I got the desired effect, I then did the same thing but going horizontally instead to fill the bottom of the pages. Finally I put the pre-made title page over the top and then it was completed.

book on table.png
(I lost my original version which said Tale of Two on the front so I’m using a later version to show what it looked like.)

My next task was to design the book open on the table. I started by drawing out the covers and the protective paper on the table.


After that it was just a case of filling out all the pages one by one using cream rectangles and the warp tool to create a page like shape. Finally I added a drop shadow on each page to add the illusion of real book pages and then I was done!


My next task is to import it into After Effects and begin editing, animating and putting together the final video.


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