Meeting 5.5 – 07/03/17

We decided to meet Tuesday morning to discuss the game as it was decided that although the game has a lot of narrative there isn’t a lot of game play and actual interactive elements within it.

The new focus was puzzles and interactive environments rather than enemies so all previous work was scraped and we started again.

It was also decided everyones art style was very different and nothing flowed well as everyone was looking at different art styles. The new aim was to make it look more fairy tail esque the atheistic should be more like 1960s disney animation.

Everyone needs to work on little aspects rather than big tasks and the amount of animation needs to be reduced. All the visuals need to match and the main focus should be on the visuals and putting the actual game together. We should all work to our strengths rather than learning new techniques.

after deciding on the new processes and plans we chose what each level should contain and split it up into 3 sections. Forest, Town and Mine shaft.




Jade – illustrate Forest section.

Rhian – illustrate Town.

Charlie – illustrate Mine Shaft.

James – Music and sound design.

Aimee – Narration, Scripts and cutscenes.


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