Meeting with Adrian

Pasted Graphic

On the 17th of March I arranged a meeting with Adrian Baxter so I could ask him some questions about After Effects and find out what the best way of creating my cutscene would be.

I was hoping he would give me some pointers on how to:

  • Create fade in, fade out transitions
  • How to add a back page
  • How to make a hardback book
  • The best way to make my book animation

However, he told me what i was trying to achieve was quite difficult and i would have to first 3D model the book in Cinema4D and then export it to Adobe After Effects. This is a big issue for me as I am not a 3D modeller and have little to no skills in it. There are some templates and bases available online but I feel this would be cheating and i don’t get the satisfaction of saying I made this.

I have found a way around this set back though and after getting it okayed by Charlie I’m going to make the front cover separately then have the story start somewhere near the middle of the book.  I’ll use transitions to move between the and that’ll also add to the whimsical atmosphere.


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