Narrators Spoken Dialogue

The narrator is the most important character within the cut-scene. He will convey the going ons of the story and his tone will effect the emotions of the player as it goes. I am hoping to use my lecturer’s voice (James Stallwood) as its really soothing and emotive and everyone I know loves his voice plus the accent is an added bonus.

The narrator will also help make the cut-scene flow and add the the fairy tale-esque  atmosphere we are aiming for.

A long time ago, in a kingdom far far away.

A haunting Ice Wizard plagued the land.

The king and queen despaired over what might become of their beloved kingdom and prayed for hope.

However, all was not lost.

The queen gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Vasilisa.

Vasilisa was no ordinary girl, she was blessed with a magical fate that could finally bring peace to the kingdom.

The king and queen kept the child hidden and raised her in secret for many years, but eventually word spread over the kingdom.

The Ice Wizard was furious “How dare someone challenge my magical power! No one can beat me! And I’ll make sure they never do…”

He ravaged the land, destroying town after town, storming his way to the castle.

To protect their child, the king and queen left the castle under the cover of darkness and escaped into WinterWood Forest.

They travelled as far as they could into the dense woodland.

One morning Vasilisa awoke to find herself alone, her parents nowhere to be seen.

Vasilisa called to them.

But there was no answer.

She began to wander through the forest to search for them. A storm started to form and it was getting harder for her to push forwards and see.

Suddenly she bumped into a towering figure.

The figure knelt down to her eye level and revealed a kind face.

he asked.

They arrived at a small cottage tucked away in a clearing. The cottage was warm and cosy.

a woman called to him.

The woman walked over to where Otto and Vasilisa were stood and looked down upon Vasilisa.

she asked Otto.

Otto disappeared into a room and came back with a thick, large coat and scarf.

Several hours passed and Otto had not yet returned. The storm had calmed and Olga was getting worried.

Olga said to Vasilisa and slammed the door.

Olga frantically searched the forest for Otto and what she found devastated her.

He had been frozen solid.

Olga collapsed to her knees and began crying, he was her brother and the only person she ever cared about and now he was gone.

Olga’s sadness turned to anger and she marched back to the cottage.

and so, their tale of two would begin…


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