Otto Spoken Dialogue

As the only time that Otto speaks is in the cutscene I have to make sure his personality is heavily implied and that everything the player needs to know about Otto is shown within it.

His lines are suppose to be very heavily Russian-accent like and so were written in broken english to capture it. I imagine him being very monotone like his sister.

“Little girl are you lost?”

“Where did they go?”

“That is true shame. This storm is getting too heavy to travel now. Would you like to take shelter in our cabin?”

“Not a problem Vasilisa, my name is Otto.”

“Yes, sister. I have guest.”

“She was lost in forest and storm is getting too strong now.”

“She has lost parents, she has nowhere to go…”

“To look for parents.”

“I will be fine. I am strong.”

“I won’t be long, I am going now.”


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