Vasilisa Spoken Dialogue

Originally I was going to record Vasilisa’s and the Wizard King’s Dialogue over the Easter Holidays and I was going to take my Microphone home with me to Devon so I could borrow 2 of my friends voices, however stupidly as I was half way home I remembered I had forgotten to pack it and so was unable to capture any voice recordings.

Once we returned, I informed Charlie and we decided that the best course of action would be as follows:

  • Vasilisa: Will be voiced by me
  • Otto and Wizard King: Will be voiced by Charlie
  • Narrator: Voiced by James
  • And we are still yet to find an Olga

For vasilisa there were 2 forms of Dialogue I needed to record. In-Game and Cutscene.

I started by recording each line of script for the cut-scene using my Snowball microphone and Audacity.

I repeated each line a couple times until I got the perfect sound and I’m pretty happy with the outcomes.




“ I’m looking for my parents”

“I-I don’t know, when I awoke they were gone”

“yes, yes please sir, that would be very nice thank you. My name is Vasilisa, what is yours?”

“ name is Vasilisa miss, what is your name?”

“Where are we going?”

As I wasn’t sure on the in-game dialogue yet I wasn’t able to create a script so will have to write and record at a later date.


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