Even More Issues…

Today there have been even more issues with deadlines and my cut-scene…

I still haven’t received all the illustration and the ones I have received are either incomplete or un-usable as they don’t fit with the art style.

I took it upon myself to try and fix everything today and although I’ve been working really hard I feel like I’ve barely made any progress… In total I edited 3 images but they took a lot of work and a couple of them involved re-drawing.

These are the drawings i have received so far.


I have been working through them in order so I can insert them straight into the book.

  1. A long time ago, in a kingdom far far away.

I was asked to create the illustration for this using the already made assets for the game and I wasn’t really happy with the final composition. I redrew it from scratch using the same style and I believe it looks a lot more fluid and fitting.

Version ~ Before                                          Version ~ After

illustration 1

2. A haunting Ice Wizard plagued the land.

I re-drew this using Rhian’s illustration as a template. I felt the colours were far too dark and didnt fit the rest of the style. I used a mix of Charlie’s original illustration as a template and my own interpretation.

Version ~ Before                                                                                 Version ~ After



3. The king and queen kept the child hidden and raised her in secret for many years, but eventual word spread over the kingdom.

For this one all I had to do was add a bit more detail to Rhian’s drawing and colour it so it didn’t take quite as long.

Version ~ Before                                                                 Version  ~ After



I’m annoyed at myself as this is as far as I got so far but it just took so long to redo and edit and get into the book ect.

Tomorrow I’m meeting with James and Charlie to see what we can do to fix this at 11:30am.


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