New Plan of Action: Meeting 11 ~ 04/05/17

Today I met with Charlie and James to discuss the issues with the illustrations and came up with a few different options to fix my predicament.

  1. I could use the sketches I have already been given and go over them using a cross-hatch/etching technique so it would hide any flaws and look more book illustration like.
  2. Me and Charlie could create stylised motifs to represent each character and just draw basic shape and form
  3.   We could draw just 8 really well done beautiful illustrations.

Our new plan of action is charlie will do some very basic pencil sketches so I have the character designs down as that is what I struggle with the most and then I can go over them with colours and bold like to stylise them and give them more definition and grace.

I have been given until the end of next week to get everything done, i.e. UI design and Cut-scene animation,



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