Video Game Dialogue Boxes


I looked into a variety of dialogue boxes from many games to get a feel for the a general style that most games use.

A lot of the text boxes are simplistic and are basic black in colour with white text. Some are given unusual shapes or patterns but most remain uniform.

However one thing I’ve noticed is each design suits the type of game extremely well. Harvest Moon’s is very basic in style matching the 8-bit environment. Fire Emblem’s is very fantasy, regal in design. Animal Crossing is bubbly and fun just like the game. This works to my advantage as it means I can take inspiration from how these games went about creating the dialogue boxes and apply the same technique to mine.

I want to use the whole fairy-tale, book style we have going on and implement that into the design somehow, these are some really quick mockups I did before coming to my final designs. Obviously it was before I received the character portraits so I heavily improvised haha.



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