Character Selection Design

The character selection consists of 2 separate images. The way to distinguish between the characters, between active and de-active is by the colouring.  When de-active, the characters appear asleep and black and white, meaning the active versions stand out a lot more. When active the characters are colourised and look determined/happy.

The idea for actual in-game use is when the player presses the character select button, the images will appear at the top of the screen, allowing them to know which character they’ve selected.

To create, I got Charlie to draw some character portraits for me and then I imported it into photoshop. Once in Photoshop I dulled the sleeping portraits using the Black and White adjustment layer. I then adjusted the Saturation, Contrast, Brightness and size to make the portraits similar in colour and size. Next was the awake portraits, These didn’t need much adjustments and were just a case of sizing and adjusting.


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