Character Selection Research

Its actually really hard to find games which have an onscreen character selection option. A lot of the design are only visible when pressing a particular button and then disappear once released. This is a clever way to do it as it de-clutters the screen when in-game and allows more screen space for the player.

I found 2 exampled which I really liked when researching Character Selection.

The First is the Game Boy Advance Game Teen Titans. When you hold down the Left Trigger the character selection menu is opened until the left trigger is released. To select the character, players hold down the directional arrows in the direction of the character they want and then release the button to select it. When a character has been selected a pulsating, spinning ring surrounds the character, making it stand out from the rest and noticeable for the player.


The second design is the character selection wheel from Grand Theft Auto 5. To open the wheel, players press down on the D-pad then use the analogue stick to choose the character, this is shown by darkening the colour surrounding the selected character.

Once again, this type of character selection only appears when the player wants it too and disappears once the choice has been made.

For our character bar, I was hoping to have a constant on-sceen display but it might actually be better to have one that disappears and reappears as the player only really needs to know who they’re selecting as once selected, the chosen character will be obvious and a display will be unneeded.


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