Dialogue Box Design

Taking my idea forward from my research, I wanted to use my previous work to my advantage and reused my leather texture for the background for the dialogue boxes to add to the storybook feel. Me and Charlie decided this would suit the game best and link everything together nicely.

To design this I first started with blank rounded rectangles and then cut the shape out of a leather texture. I then duplicated that layer and adjusted the sizes so I had a space for the name. I dulled the brightness and contrast and then began working on extra details. I used the layer style menu to my advantage. I added a border, shadow and then a extra border on top. The final touch was to straighten one side of the dialogue box so I could apply the character avatars provided by Charlie.

The final steps were to carefully place the avatars and names and then flip the whole design to fit the Wizards avatar. Me and Charlie decided we wanted the hero avatar’s on the left and then the Villain’s on the right to create juxtaposition and to make it look like their conversing during the scene when they are all talking to each-other.



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