Meeting 14 – 15/05/17

Today I had a private meeting with James and then a meeting with the team.

I spoke with James because I had a small breakdown yesterday which led to me losing my motivation and I felt it would be better to bring up the problem as soon as I could instead of letting it build up and suffer in silence. The main issues I was facing is that every time I set myself a personal deadline whilst relying on team members to provide me with vital assets, I always receive the assets late and get set back and I was worried it would come across as my fault and effect my grades. Also it feels like the team believe that the stuff I’ve been working on doesn’t contribute to the game and isn’t as important as other things so I tend to get pushed to the back quite a lot. Whenever I’ve asked for something which I need to move onto my next part of my tasks I get told that its something which can be completed last minute which it is not as everything I do takes time to perfect and complete. Also I never receive straight answers and get passed around the team for someone else to answer so I ended up feeling like a useless team member who doesn’t help. After speaking to James we decided it was a good idea to speak with the time to bring up the issues and to get them sorted.

As a team we decided to only set achievable deadlines and to work to what we know we can do. I cant write the Dialogue until the level design is complete so I’m going to work on completing the UI design with the rest of the assets that I received last night then once the level design is complete I can work on writing the Dialogue and recording the in-game voice acting.

Jade is going to work with Rhian to get the levels built within unity and start implementing the code and characters.

Charlie is going to research into camera and lighting coding as well as other bits we need to code.

James is going to upload the soundtrack for my cut-scene so that is complete and work on sound effects.

Hopefully the team will be back on track now with deadlines and work.



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