Olga Voice Recordings: In-Game

Like the Vasilisa script, I looked at the same sources to decide Olga’s dialogue. However, unlike Vasilisa’s Olga’s is much more generalised and is more written to fit her expressions rather than specific events or tasks.

“Ha” and “Alright!” match her determined expression, she makes a “Grunt” sound when angry, her neutral expression matches up with “What.” “huh” and “Uhhh…”, and lastly “Sigh” links to her bored expression. As Olga isn’t very vocal, most of her emotions are expressed using noises rather than spoken words.

Olga in-game script:

  • grunt
  • Huh
  • Ha
  • What.
  • Alright!
  • Sigh
  • Uhhh….

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