Stamina Bar Research


Most stamina bars seem to take an simplistic form and in a bright colour making it highly visible and noticeable to the player. They generally take a form that suit the style of that particular design, i.e. Skyrim = Celtic.

Normally stamina bars are joined with the health bar, and the heath bar is the most prominent feature whilst the stamina bar is tucked underneath. However, as our game has no health bar to worry about, we have free reign with the stamina bar and can make it as decorative and dominant as we like.

At first we wanted the stamina bar to take the form of a decorative pattern, with swirls and snowflakes but I feel this kind of design will be too complex and end up being camouflaged against the background. The best solution to this is to follow suit of previous game designs make the main body an actual bar and then decorate the bar with swirls, snowflakes and dots.


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