Vasilisa Voice Recordings: In-Game

When writing Vasilisa’s dialogue for in-game I used a variety of methods to come up with some basic phrases. I looked at the way she spoke in the cut-scene, how charlie had described her in his GDD, what obstacles and trails she would be facing in the game and how I had written the In-game script.

Some of the phrases are for specific sections. The “Hmmhmmmhmmmm” Is for when she’s happily humming whilst going through the log in her shrunken form. Her scared moan is when she comes face to face with the ice wizard.

The other phrases are for particular avatar expression phrases. The “Hehe” and “Yay!” are for the happy expression, “Oh no…” and “No…” are for the sad expression and “Okay” is for the neutral expression.

Vasilisa’s In-Game Script:

  • hehe
  • Hmmhmmmhmmmm
  • Scared moan
  • Yay!
  • Oh no…
  • No…
  • okay

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