In-Game Dialogue

Colour code:

  • Blue ~ Triggers and timing.
  • Green ~ Character.
  • Red ~ character reaction (For dialogue box, i.e. happy, sad, ect.)

Section 1: Forest

Puzzle 1:

(As Olga and Vasilisa reach the frozen lake)

(neutral) Olga: “Hmm… I don’t think this lake is safe enough to walk over.”

(sad) Vasilisa: “Oh no, what are we going to do?”

(determined) Olga: “I’ve got this. If (button) is pressed I should be able to pull that log over it.”

(Once log is across the lake)

(determined) Olga: “alright! Now just to press (button) and we should be able to jump on top of the log.”

(When Olga jumps on top of the log and Vasilisa can’t make it, triggers reaction)

(bored) Olga: “Whats the matter. Can’t you reach up here?”

(neutral) Vasilisa: “No… it’s ok, if (button) is pressed I can shrink down and walk through the log.”

(when player presses button to shrink triggers dialogue)

(Neutral) Olga: “I.. did not see that coming…”

(Happy) Vasilisa: *Happy humming*

Puzzle 2:

(Olga and Vasilisa approach Ice wall)

(Sad) Vasilisa: “Oh… How are we going to get past this?”

(Determined) Olga: “I have an idea, hold (button) and I’ll break this wall down…”

(After wall breaks down)

(Determined) Olga: “Ha! That was easy…”

(Happy) Vasilisa: “Wow! That was amazing!”

Puzzle 3:

(reach overgrown area, cannot pass through)

(neutral) Vasilisa: “I think this is too overgrown to pass through…”

(Determined) Olga: “Ha! This is the easiest obstacle yet! It’s almost like it was made for me and my axes… press (button) and I’ll cut through it in no time.”

(Olga cuts through bushes to reveal tree stump blocking path)

(Neutral) Olga: “You can’t make it over that, can you?”

(Sad) Vasilisa: “No… I’m sorry.”

(Determined) Olga: “It’s alright, I’ve got an idea. I’ll lift you up and throw you over it by pressing (Button)”

(Scared) Vasilisa: “What! Nooo you can’t do that, it’s too scary.”

(Neutral) Olga: “You’ll be fine. Trust me.”

Section 2: Mining Town

Part 1:

(Olga and Vasilisa arrive at the mining village to find it frozen over and the people like statues, just like Olga found Otto.)

(Sad) Vasilisa: “What… what happened here? Why is everyone frozen?”

(Angry) Olga: “I don’t know. But we’re finding out as soon as we can. I need to know what… Who did this.”

(Sad) Vasilisa: “Olga? What’s wrong?”

(Angry) Olga: “Nothing. I’m fine. Let’s get moving, I don’t trust this place.”

Part 2:

(Whilst walking through another section of town)

(Neutral) Vasilisa: “why did we come here?”

(Neutral) Olga: “Because there was somewhere that would look after you, but now its gone.”

(Sad) Vasilisa: “but i want you to look after me Olga, you and Otto. You’re both so brave and strong.”

(Angry) Olga: “Look. There’s a reason we had to leave. Otto he had… he had been frozen solid… like the people of this town, and we need to find a way to fix him.”

(Sad) Vasilisa: “oh my, I’m so sorry Olga, I…”

(Bored) Olga: “That’s enough Vasilisa.”

Part 3:

(Whilst walking Olga and Vasilisa are confronted by the wizard king)

(Evil Laugh) Wizard King: “nyah-ahahaha so we meet at last precious little Vasilisa! It is I! Your greatest foe!”

(Neutral) Vasilisa: “who… who are you?”

(Fed up) Wizard king: “what.”

(Evil Laugh) Wizard king: “it is I! The all-mighty, all-powerful Wizard King who reins terror upon the land!”

(Neutral) Olga: “who?”

(Fed up) Wizard king: “really? The guy who decided a rumour about a magical little girl was enough reason to destroy a whole kingdom?”

(Scared) Vasilisa: “you! You’re the reason we had to leave my home! The reason I lost my parents…”

(Evil Laugh) Wizard King: “Nyah-hahahaha yes! It’s such a shame they disappeared, I wonder where they could have gone…”

(Bored) Olga: “wait… so you mean if you hadn’t of made her parents disappear, Otto would of never of found her and then he wouldn’t of been…”

(Smile) Wizard King: “Otto? Oh, you mean the blue haired fellow? yes such a shame he wouldn’t accept my offer… personally I thought it was a very fair deal. The girl in exchange for yours and his life, but no, sadly he had to resist and out up a fight.”

(Angry) Olga: “WHAT?! You’re the one who froze my brother?! Turn him back! Unfreeze him and you can have whatever you want, just bring him back!”

(Evil Laugh) Wizard King: “FOOLS! my powers can never be undone! once I freeze something it can never be unfrozen, that is why I am the great Wizard King! Nyeh-ehehe!”

(Scared) Vasilisa: “So… you mean all of these people… and Otto will never go back to normal?”

(Smile) Wizard King: “Correct little Vasilisa! Now if you would be a dear and come with me this can all end peacefully…”

(Angry) Olga: “Don’t go anywhere near him Vasilisa!”

(The ground gives away under Olga and Vasilisa’s feet, causing them the plummet into a abandoned mine shaft. The Wizard King remains where he is.)

(Fed Up) Wizard King: “…What.”

Section 3: Mine Shaft

Part 1:

(After Olga and Vasilisa land in the Mine Shaft)

(Angry) Olga: “We need to find a way out of here as quickly as possible. We are too vulnerable being trapped down here.”

(Neutral) Vasilisa: “R…Right.”

Part 2:

(Once Olga and Vasilisa activate the elevator.)

(Determined) Olga: “Alright! time to get out of here!”

(Happy) Vasilisa: “Yay! we did it!”


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