Planning of In-Game Dialogue

Once again I haven’t received what I needed to move on with my next task so I had to push my personal deadlines back again. I was hoping to have the in-game dialogue written out yesterday and then record all the voices today but due to not receiving any information until I happened to see a video which was posted to the group chat and some screenshots which were uploaded to the google drive, I decided to play a guessing game instead and write dialogue that will fit each scenario as best I can without 100% confirmation on level design.

The easiest way I can do this is to break down the game into the 3 sections and then those 3 sections in individual puzzles and exposition.

Section 1: Forest

The forest section acts as an introductory to the control system and the type of puzzles the player will be facing later on in the game. This allows the player to quickly learn each characters abilities and weaknesses whilst still keeping it organic.



Puzzle 1:

Puzzle 1 will be an example of Olga’s strength and Vasilisa’s shrinking ability. Although this puzzle is extremely simply it will allow players to learn certain strengths and abilities about each character.

To get passed the frozen lake Olga must use her strength to pull the log over the frozen lake. This defines Olga as being strong and Vasilisa being weak. To then get past the log Olga must jump on top of it and Vasilisa must go through it. This informs the player that only Olga can jump and that Vasilisa has the ability to manipulate herself by shrinking.

When Vasilisa’s powers are revealed to the player, it will also be Olga’s first time witnessing it so she will have some form of reaction.

Puzzle 2:

Puzzle 2 introduces Olga’s charge attack. She can use it to smash through certain in objects, in this case an ice wall. Olga’s charge attack is her way of outlet for how shes feeling inside about Otto.

Once the Wall has fallen down, Olga and Vasilisa are free to walk past.

Puzzle 3:

third puzzle- broken tree.png

Puzzle 3 is when Olga’s axes are used. There is some shrubbery in the way so the player can get Olga to cut them down, making the area passable.

Once the area is cleared there is a tree stump which must be passed. Olga can jump it immediately but Vasilisa cannot pass it. To get over it Olga can pick up and throw Vasilisa over the top instead, allowing them both to pass.


Section 2: Mining Town

There are no puzzles within the Mining Town and is more of a “Exposition dump”. It introduces the Wizard King to Vasilisa and Olga, explains his motive to them, explains what happened to Otto and helps move the story forward.

Wizard King

The most important part of this section is conveying the Wizard King to the player. His personality, motives and powers. Although the Wizard King is the antagonist of the game I still want to make him slightly comical as he is a very over exaggerated character and his behavior is very over the top and vain.

I really want his reaction to Olga and Vasilisa falling down the hole to the mine shaft to be comical and I believe I’m going to use the little “nyah” I recorded along with the fed up face as that facial expression makes me chuckle.

Section 3: Mineshaft

Most of section 3 will be up to the player to work out for them self, with no direct help given for the actual puzzles themselves.

The only dialogue that will take place is random conversations between Olga and Vasilisa. Mainly discussing who the Wizard King is, what he meant and where they are now. A lot of dialogue now is mainly just exposition.




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