There have been some adjustments made to the level design which I only found out about today. The log is no longer a pulling puzzle and a boulder puzzle has now been implemented. This means i need to revise the first part of my in-game script and adjust it to fit the new lay-out.



Puzzle 1

(When Olga jumps on top of the log and Vasilisa can’t make it, triggers reaction)

(bored) Olga: “Whats the matter. Can’t you reach up here?”

(neutral) Vasilisa: “No… it’s ok, if (button) is pressed I can shrink down and walk through the log.”

(when player presses button to shrink triggers dialogue)

(Neutral) Olga: “I.. did not see that coming…”

(Happy) Vasilisa: *Happy humming*


Puzzle 2

(as Olga and Vasilisa approach the Boulder)

(Neutral) Vasilisa: “This is strange, how are we gonna get past this?”

(Determined) Olga: “Don’t worry, I’ve got this. Press (Button) and I should be strong enough to activate this leaver.”




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