In-Game Dialogue – Edit

Colour code:

  • Blue ~ Triggers and timing.
  • Green ~ Character.
  • Red ~ character reaction (For dialogue box, i.e. happy, sad, ect.)

Section 1: Forest

Puzzle 1

(When Olga jumps on top of the log and Vasilisa can’t make it, triggers reaction)

(bored) Olga: “Whats the matter. Can’t you reach up here?”

(neutral) Vasilisa: “No… it’s ok, if (button) is pressed I can shrink down and walk through the log.”

(when player presses button to shrink triggers dialogue)

(Neutral) Olga: “I.. did not see that coming…”

(Happy) Vasilisa: *Happy humming*

Puzzle 2

(as Olga and Vasilisa approach the Boulder)

(Neutral) Vasilisa: “This is strange, how are we going to get past this?”

(Determined) Olga: “Don’t worry, I’ve got this. Press (Button) and I should be strong enough to activate this leaver.”

Puzzle 3:

(Olga and Vasilisa approach Ice wall)

(Sad) Vasilisa: “Oh… How are we going to get past this?”

(Determined) Olga: “I have an idea, hold (button) and I’ll break this wall down…”

(After wall breaks down)

(Determined) Olga: “Ha! That was easy…”

(Happy) Vasilisa: “Wow! That was amazing!”

Puzzle 4:

(reach overgrown area, cannot pass through)

(neutral) Vasilisa: “I think this is too overgrown to pass through…”

(Determined) Olga: “Ha! This is the easiest obstacle yet! It’s almost like it was made for me and my axes… press (button) and I’ll cut through it in no time.”

(Olga cuts through bushes to reveal tree stump blocking path)

(Neutral) Olga: “You can’t make it over that, can you?”

(Sad) Vasilisa: “No… I’m sorry.”

(Determined) Olga: “It’s alright, I’ve got an idea. I’ll lift you up and throw you over it by pressing (Button)”

(Scared) Vasilisa: “What! Nooo you can’t do that, it’s too scary.”

(Neutral) Olga: “You’ll be fine. Trust me.”


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