There have been some adjustments made to the level design which I only found out about today. The log is no longer a pulling puzzle and a boulder puzzle has now been implemented. This means i need to revise the first part of my in-game script and adjust it to fit the new lay-out.



Puzzle 1

(When Olga jumps on top of the log and Vasilisa can’t make it, triggers reaction)

(bored) Olga: “Whats the matter. Can’t you reach up here?”

(neutral) Vasilisa: “No… it’s ok, if (button) is pressed I can shrink down and walk through the log.”

(when player presses button to shrink triggers dialogue)

(Neutral) Olga: “I.. did not see that coming…”

(Happy) Vasilisa: *Happy humming*


Puzzle 2

(as Olga and Vasilisa approach the Boulder)

(Neutral) Vasilisa: “This is strange, how are we gonna get past this?”

(Determined) Olga: “Don’t worry, I’ve got this. Press (Button) and I should be strong enough to activate this leaver.”




Planning of In-Game Dialogue

Once again I haven’t received what I needed to move on with my next task so I had to push my personal deadlines back again. I was hoping to have the in-game dialogue written out yesterday and then record all the voices today but due to not receiving any information until I happened to see a video which was posted to the group chat and some screenshots which were uploaded to the google drive, I decided to play a guessing game instead and write dialogue that will fit each scenario as best I can without 100% confirmation on level design.

The easiest way I can do this is to break down the game into the 3 sections and then those 3 sections in individual puzzles and exposition.

Section 1: Forest

The forest section acts as an introductory to the control system and the type of puzzles the player will be facing later on in the game. This allows the player to quickly learn each characters abilities and weaknesses whilst still keeping it organic.



Puzzle 1:

Puzzle 1 will be an example of Olga’s strength and Vasilisa’s shrinking ability. Although this puzzle is extremely simply it will allow players to learn certain strengths and abilities about each character.

To get passed the frozen lake Olga must use her strength to pull the log over the frozen lake. This defines Olga as being strong and Vasilisa being weak. To then get past the log Olga must jump on top of it and Vasilisa must go through it. This informs the player that only Olga can jump and that Vasilisa has the ability to manipulate herself by shrinking.

When Vasilisa’s powers are revealed to the player, it will also be Olga’s first time witnessing it so she will have some form of reaction.

Puzzle 2:

Puzzle 2 introduces Olga’s charge attack. She can use it to smash through certain in objects, in this case an ice wall. Olga’s charge attack is her way of outlet for how shes feeling inside about Otto.

Once the Wall has fallen down, Olga and Vasilisa are free to walk past.

Puzzle 3:

third puzzle- broken tree.png

Puzzle 3 is when Olga’s axes are used. There is some shrubbery in the way so the player can get Olga to cut them down, making the area passable.

Once the area is cleared there is a tree stump which must be passed. Olga can jump it immediately but Vasilisa cannot pass it. To get over it Olga can pick up and throw Vasilisa over the top instead, allowing them both to pass.


Section 2: Mining Town

There are no puzzles within the Mining Town and is more of a “Exposition dump”. It introduces the Wizard King to Vasilisa and Olga, explains his motive to them, explains what happened to Otto and helps move the story forward.

Wizard King

The most important part of this section is conveying the Wizard King to the player. His personality, motives and powers. Although the Wizard King is the antagonist of the game I still want to make him slightly comical as he is a very over exaggerated character and his behavior is very over the top and vain.

I really want his reaction to Olga and Vasilisa falling down the hole to the mine shaft to be comical and I believe I’m going to use the little “nyah” I recorded along with the fed up face as that facial expression makes me chuckle.

Section 3: Mineshaft

Most of section 3 will be up to the player to work out for them self, with no direct help given for the actual puzzles themselves.

The only dialogue that will take place is random conversations between Olga and Vasilisa. Mainly discussing who the Wizard King is, what he meant and where they are now. A lot of dialogue now is mainly just exposition.



Olga Voice Recordings: In-Game

Like the Vasilisa script, I looked at the same sources to decide Olga’s dialogue. However, unlike Vasilisa’s Olga’s is much more generalised and is more written to fit her expressions rather than specific events or tasks.

“Ha” and “Alright!” match her determined expression, she makes a “Grunt” sound when angry, her neutral expression matches up with “What.” “huh” and “Uhhh…”, and lastly “Sigh” links to her bored expression. As Olga isn’t very vocal, most of her emotions are expressed using noises rather than spoken words.

Olga in-game script:

  • grunt
  • Huh
  • Ha
  • What.
  • Alright!
  • Sigh
  • Uhhh….

Vasilisa Voice Recordings: In-Game

When writing Vasilisa’s dialogue for in-game I used a variety of methods to come up with some basic phrases. I looked at the way she spoke in the cut-scene, how charlie had described her in his GDD, what obstacles and trails she would be facing in the game and how I had written the In-game script.

Some of the phrases are for specific sections. The “Hmmhmmmhmmmm” Is for when she’s happily humming whilst going through the log in her shrunken form. Her scared moan is when she comes face to face with the ice wizard.

The other phrases are for particular avatar expression phrases. The “Hehe” and “Yay!” are for the happy expression, “Oh no…” and “No…” are for the sad expression and “Okay” is for the neutral expression.

Vasilisa’s In-Game Script:

  • hehe
  • Hmmhmmmhmmmm
  • Scared moan
  • Yay!
  • Oh no…
  • No…
  • okay

Making of the Cutscene

After the meeting with Adrian I decided to use a mixture of 4 different softwares, Adobe Photoshop to create the book entity, Adobe After Effects to Animate the pages, Audacity to record the voice actors and finally Adobe Premiere Pro to edit and put the whole cut-scene together.


The original open book file didn’t have enough pages so I had to add in a few extra ones to bring up the count. Once they were in place I started adding the illustrations in the correct order so it would be easier to animate once put into After cover.png

Due to the restrictions put in place by what I can achieve in After Effects I decided to make the book animation slightly different then I had originally planned. I changed the book cover to a more generic name and style so it would also make sense for the story to start halfway through the book.


I then added the actual title within the book so it would seem like a new tale to be told.

book open.png

My final task was to write out each individual line of text so I could make it fade in and fade out in time with the audio. I also had to plan out the layout and positioning. This would make it easier when importing them into Premiere Pro.


After Effects


Once I was done in Photoshop, I Imported the photoshop file into After Effects. This allowed me to retain the layers making it easier to use a tool CC Page Turn. For every page I would have to drag the layer to the top, make the keyframes and then save and move onto the next one. The funniest bit was actually sorting out the keyframes as I got to move the pages exactly how I wanted and then it was a breeze to just copy and paste. This is an example of my page turn effect before I had chance to add the illustrations.

I exported each page separately so it would be easier to import into Premiere Pro and meant I didn’t have to worry about having the correct timings to match up with the audio and text.


My next task was to edit the audio in Audacity. I first broke down each separate recording into the best spoken lines. Once broken, I imported each line of dialogue and arranged them chronologically so I could see how the dialogue sounded all together and could work out which ones would need adjusting before importing into Premiere Pro to make them more uniform.


From this I learnt that Ottos dialogue needed to noise reduction to smooth out the audio and decreased by 2 for sound. The Narrator needed to be increased by 10 to make it more powerful and bold. Olga’s and Vasilisa’s were both increased by 5 to be more clearer and the wizard remained the same.

Once everything was sorted, I split the dialogue up into individual sound files and them ordered then chronologically so it was easier to arrange when I import into Premier Pro.


Premiere Pro

Once I had assembled all the files I would need to create the cutscene, I began to put it all together. I started by going through each illustration. I then imported the text on top of the animation and png files, lining it up on the correct page. Once all the visible files were in place, I began to order the audio and adjust the text time to fit it. I also added transition effects to all the text to make it fade in and out.

As well as the audio, I also downloaded 2 sound effects, a page turn and a wind chime. The page turn was to add realism to the animation and the wind chime helped to create a whimsical and fantasy like atmosphere. I applied the wind chimes the beginning sequence when the book cover zooms in to make it seem magical.

When I first tried to create the cutscene, half way through, my composition broke. Somewhere a page turn audio had become invisible and I could not find it or delete it. To fix this I exported the first half before the break and then imported it into a new project.

I used a variety of effects to create the intro and outro. for the intro I used the fade to white effect as well as key-framing a zoom in animation. I then applied the same methods for the outro but i also had to adjust the positioning so the illustration fit better on the screen.

I then exported in 1080p and awaited the music. James then sent me the backing track and edited dialogue so all I had to do was import it, line it up, crop the end, add a fade out.

Once it was all done, I compressed it to a MP4 so it would be easier to import into Unity.


Issues with Deadlines

I’m a little worried about getting the Cut-scene finished by tomorrow (3/5/17) as none of the illustrations I need have been uploaded anywhere or finished and I cant work on the final product for the cut-scene without them as they need to be embedded within the book animation to make it look more fluid and authentic. Also I need to polish them off and color them which will take a while on top of animating and editing.

Because of this I’m going to push my personal deadline to Friday for the cut-scene and work on UI design instead as that was another one of my tasks.

tale of two trellogoogle

Olga Spoken Dialogue

Olga is first introduced when Otto brings Vasilisa back to the cabin. Due to the circumstances, Olga may first come aross as arrogant and short tempered but hopefully, once the player follows Olga’s growth as a person (in game) they will come to like her more than they did in the intro.

For the cut-scene I want convey how defensive and reserved Olga is towards strangers but at the same time how caring she is towards her brother and only wants whats best for him.

“Otto, is that you?”

“What is she doing here?”

“As soon as the storm is over I want her gone.”

“Fine, she can stay here for a while, little girl, what is your name?”


“Where do you think you’re going?” Olga asked.

“You can’t go out there! The storm is too harsh!”

“I don’t care! It’s too dangerous and I don’t want to be left alone with… ‘her’…”

“Fine! I hope you freeze!”

“He’s been gone far too long… I’m going to go look for him, look after the house.”

“Her… It’s all her fault! I need to get her gone, now!”

“We are leaving, Now.”

“Somewhere you’ll be safe…”

Illustrations needed for cutscene

To accompany the narrative in the book, I also want illustrations. This will not only help it feel like a child’s story book but intrigue the reader too.

Each illustration will help to convey parts of the story and add context.

Originally I was going to get Charlie to do them but he is too busy with animation and now Rhian is going to take over instead.

I want the illustrations to be really sketchy and water colour-like to create the illusion that someone had to quickly scribble down the events whilst escaping.

Pasted Graphic

The list is as follows.

Illustration list

  • Environment establishment – Trees, Mountains, Sky. Any form of landscape.
  • Ice Wizard looming over kingdom – Torso, head and hands of wizard king looming over the top of a town, looking menacing and evil laughing. Not much detail needed in town as long as its recognisable.
  • King and Queen – (Vasilisa’s parents) in some form of despair, either hugging each other and crying or looking scared. try to make the background very “royal” Lots of gold and florets ect.
  • Baby Vasilisa – from mothers perspective, Vasilisa wrapped in a blanket in mothers arms looking cute.
  • Baby Vasilisa – change illustration on face from neutral to happy.
  • Unsure on what to have for this one. this is the quote “The king and queen kept the child hidden and raised her in secret for many years, but eventual word spread over the kingdom.”. I shall let Rhian draw whatever she likes for it.
  • Ice Wizard – in his fortress going mad. Extremely angry and agitated. This is his line of dialogue to help convey his anger “How dare someone challenge my magical power! No one can beat me! And I’ll make sure they never do…”
  • Destroying towns – a town destroyed by ice or fire. Shows ice kings rampage.
  • Escaping – The king, queen and Vasilisa escape their castle under the cover of darkness into a forest.
  • Vasilisa alone – Vasilisa wakes up in the forest alone.
  • Vasilisa calling to her parents – either left or right.
  • Vasilisa walking – Vasilisa walking through forest, set of illustrations so it can be built into slight animation. Vasilisa walking normally, struggling because of snow and then covering her eyes as shes being battered by the storm.
  • Vasilisa meets Otto – Vasilisa looking up as a large shadow from otto looms over her. Keeps Otto a mystery for now.
  • Otto – Kneels down in front of vasilisa so he can talk to her better. make sure he looks friendly and kind.
  • Otto – same illustration but with Ottos hand on Vasilisa’s shoulder
  • Cottage – Tucked away in a clearing within the forest, not very big or well looked after.
  • Otto entering – Otto stood inside doorway with Vasilisa. Mouth open so it looks like he’s talking.
  • Otto Olga and Vasilisa – all stood together, olga is looking down at Vasilisa not looking happy that she is there.
  • Olga – same illustration but now Olga is looking at Otto instead, still not happy.
  • Otto – Putting on big coat and scarf
  • leaving – Maybe Otto is stood next to the door but it is closed. Olga has hands on hips looking angry at him with mouth open to make it look like she is talking. Otto also has mouth open.
  • Leaving – same illustration but now Olga is shouting at him and looking very angry, Otto has now opened door.
  • Olga and vasilisa – sat either side of the fire waiting, Clock above fire place. Leave clock hands blank so i can animate it moving to show time passing.
  • same illustration – but now olga is sat forward looking worried.
  • Olga – talking to Vasilisa as she leaves the cottage.
  • Searching – Olga is frantically searching the forest for Otto, the storm has now passed.
  • Otto – Frozen solid
  • Olga – on her knees in front of it crying
  • Same illustration – but change facial expression to angry.
  • Olga returns – to the cabin and shouts at vasilisa.
  • they both leave – where the game begins.

Writing the new introduction to the Cutscene

I wanted to go much more in-depth when rewriting the first cutscene as now i have a lot more free reign.

To do so I needed some help with wording and used a few sources to assist with this.

Forest name

  • I needed to come up with the name of the forest that Olga and Otto inhabit and where the player starts the game. I was really struggling with this as a lot of the name i thought of were to cliche or over done. To assist i used this website:

Vasalisa’s Dialect

  • I wanted to incorporate Russian style dialogue in my work as much as possible to make it authentic so looked up how Russians referred to their mother and father. Although this isn’t a fully “Trustworthy” site for answers it provided me with the information I needed.

The new beginning

A long time ago, in a kingdom far far away. A haunting Ice Wizard plagued the land. The king and queen despaired over what might become of their beloved kingdom and prayed for peace and hope.

However, all was not lost. The queen gave birth to a beautiful baby girl they named Vasalisa. Vasalisa was no ordinary girl, she was blessed with a magical fate that could finally bring peace to the kingdom. The king and queen kept the child hidden and raised her in secret for many years, but eventual word spread over the kingdom.

The Ice Wizard was furious “How dare someone challenge my magical power! No one can beat me! And I’ll make sure they never do…”

He ravaged the land, destroying town after town, storming his way the castle.

To protect their child, the king and queen left the castle under the cover of darkness and escaped into Winter Wood Forest. They travelled as far as they could into the dense woodland.

One morning Vasalisa awoke to find herself alone, her parents nowhere to be seen. Vasalisa called to them. “Mama?” “Papa?” But there was no answer.

She began to wonder through the forest to search for them. A storm began to fall and it was getting harder for her to push forwards and see.

I am much happier with this. I provides depth, a motive and establishment. This is only my first draft so it may be subject to change but I’m pleased with it.

My new narrative tasks for the cutscene

Charlie wanted me to edit the narrative/story points for the first cut-scene so it establishes more plot and helps the player understand the full story before starting the game.

There are a couple of points I need to work into the story as well as editing some of the previously written things.

  1. The wizards motive needs to be established as to why he’s trying to get Vasalisa. Is it for her powers? to over throw the kingdom? ect ect
  2. The perspective of the story, experiment with who should narrate the story. Faceless narrator, Vasalisa older, Wizard King?
  3. Extra back story?

I’m going to begin working on a new beginning, i think i would like to include a king and queen so Vasalisa’s parents have a back story.